Facts and Figures

On the following pages you will find a multitude of facts and figures concerning the Olympiastadion Berlin.

Find information on our state-of-the-art roof, the stadium itself, technical details or maximum capacity. There's something here for everyone.



Total: 74.475 Spectators

Upper tier (31 seating rows): 36.455 seats

  • 36.032 regular seats at an average slope of 23 degrees
  • 290 seats on the Press Stand
  • 133 in Skyboxes

Lower tier (42 seating rows): 38.020 seats

  • 32.310 regular seats at an average slope of 25,4 degrees
  • 560 Box seats
  • 563 Lounge seats (expandable to 743)
  • 4.413 Business Seats
  • 174 Wheelchair spaces


Depending on the kind of stage built in the infield and the escape routes, up to 25.000 spectators can fill the infield.


Parking places

Parking Area

There are 815 parking spots on the property of the Olympiastadion Berlin.

  • 183 parking spots above ground at the south-gate
  • 485 parking spots in the underground carpark South, on two levels (maximum height 2,00 m)
  • 147parking spots in the underground carpark North (maximum height 2,00 m)

To use these parking spots, you need a parking ticket from the organizer.

Furthermore there are public parking lots, around the Olympistadion Berlin, which can also be used at events (partly with fees):

  • Olympic Square (max. 2.,8 tons per vehicle)
  • Parking lot PO4 with parking spots for disabled persons (max. 2,8 tons per vehicle)
  • Parking lot PO5 with parking spots for disabled persons (max. 2,8 tons per vehicle)

Bus agencies please pay attention to the instructions of the police at event days.

VIP areas

VIP areas

  • 52 boxes for 10 people ( 6 on the VIP stand)
  • 7 boxes for 20 people (2 on the VIP stand)
  • 3 Executive Clubs (in blocks L, P and D)
  • 13 Skyboxes
  • Hall of Honour and Coubertin Hall
  • Atrium with 4 levels

You can find more information on our VIP areas here.

Building specifications and areas

Building specifications and areas

Building specifications:

Two story collonades with 136 Pillars

  • Circumference: approx. 803m
  • Heigth: 16,37m, 21,26m at the attic (roof edge)
  • Depth below ground level:: 15m (pitch), 17,40m (level -4 Atrium)
  • Opening at Marathon Gate: 24,65m at its narrowest spot)
  • Width North-South:: 230,73m
  • Length East-West: 304,26m
  • Infield: Width 116,11m, Length 189,97m


  • Stadium: 56.616m²
  • Osttor Plaza: 7.729m²
  • Südtor Plaza: 3.238m²
  • Swimming Pool Plaza: 2.797m²
  • Maifeld Plaza: 4.326m²
  • Path around stadium: 3.727m² (inside driving lane around stadium)
  • Südtor parking area (PO Süd): 4.533m²

Roof specifications

Roof specifications

Roof construction

Total roof area: ca. 42.000m²

  • Upper roof membrane: approx. 27.000m², distributed to 77 sectors
  • Lower roof membrane: approx. 28.000m²
  • Glass surface: 6006m²

Material: PTFE-coated glass fiber (PTFE: Polytetrafluorethylen)
Roof width: approx. 68m
Distance roof to infield: 39,99m
Roof weight: ca. 3.500t

Number of steel posts inside seating area: 20 with the distance between posts ranging from 32 to 40m and a length of 8,50m
Diameter: bifurcation 35cm, pedestal 26cm
Number of outside posts: 132
Binders: 76
Material: Steel St 52 and St 37

Sports areas

Sports areas

  • Width / Length pitch: 105m x 68m (7.140m²)
  • Width/Length field: 109,90m x 73m (8.022,7m²)
  • Track Certificate Class 1 IAAF
  • Lanes: 9 lanes for 110m, 8 lanes for 400m
  • Obstacle trench in western curve segment
  • 4 Facilities for long and triple jump
  • 4 Facilities for Pole Vault
  • 4 Facilities for Shot-put
  • 1 Facility each for Discus and Hammer Throw
  • 2 Facilities for Javelin

Warm-up training hall:

  • Total length: 120m (100m track, plus long jump facility)
  • Total area: 1.990m²



Lower Tier:

  • 12 Kiosks
  • 1 Restaurant

Upper Tier:

  • 12 Kiosks

Outer areas:

  • 12 mobile Kioskes (minimum)

Kiosks for Merchandising:

  • one at the Südtor Plaza and one at the Osttor Plaza

Sanitary area

Sanitary areas

Sanitary areas in the Lower Tier:

  • Men: 176 Urinals, 44 WC
  • Women: 121 WC
  • Handicap accessible: 4 WC

Sanitary areas in the Upper Tier:

  • Men: 184 Urinals, 30 WC
  • Women: 96 WC

Outer areas:

  • Men: 96 Urinals, 12 WC
  • Women: 20 WC

Light, Video and Sound

Light, Video and Sound

Floodlight system

  • Manufacturer: Sill
  • 155 Double metal halide lamps with 2000 Watts each
  • Performance at least 1.500 Lux

Ring of Fire

  • 610 tubes

Membrane Lighting

  • ca. 4.200 tubes and 304 emergency lights integrated in the roof
  • ca. 300kW performance

Video Wall eastern stands:

  • Manufacturer: Daktronics (USA)
  • Size 137,5m² (15,72m x 8,76m)
  • Resolution 688 x 384 Pixels
  • Performance 150.580 Watts
  • 1.032 Pixel elements (43x24 elements)

Video Wall north stands:

  • Manufacturer: Daktronics (USA)
  • Size 57,75m², (10,22m x 5,65m)
  • Resolution 448 x 248 Pixels
  • Performance 65.375 Watts
  • 434 Pixel elements (28x15,5 elements)


  • Manufacturer: Electrovoice
  • 19 speaker units with a total of 180 speakers (EV XLCLinearray)
  • 84 power amplifiers (Electrovoice)
  • ca. 112dB maximum sound level, 150.000 Watts



"German Steel Building Award 2004: Olympiastadion Berlin"


"Light-Architecture-Award 2005 – Olympiastadion Berlin – Modification, Restoration and Roof construction"


"German Architecture-Award 2005, Recognition – Olympiastadion Berlin – Modification, Resoration and Roof-construction"


"Architecture-Award Berlin 2006, Award: Olympiastadion Berlin"


"IOC/IAKS Award in Gold 2007"


"IPC/IAKS Special-award 2007"


"iF Gold Award: Chapel inside the Olympiastadion Berlin"


"red dot Award 2007: Chapel inside the Olympiastadion Berlin"


"BDA-Architecture-award “Nike” 2007 category:” best ambience” Olympiastadion Berlin"


"Location Award 2014 – second place category: Major Events"


"FM-Efficiency-Award 2013"


"Location Award 2014 – first place category: Stadiums, Arenas and Multi-function-halls"